Speedforce & Brooding

The Flash!
I drew this before the Superman one and wasn’t feeling 100% about it but here it is anyway.


The Flash!

I drew this before the Superman one and wasn’t feeling 100% about it but here it is anyway.



how does batflash have sex?


you dont even care do you you just sent me this to make me feel better about myself didnt you you dont even CARE no one actually cares about batlfash NONE OF YOU CARE 

but im gonna answer this anyway 

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Justice League #35 cover by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado

Justice League #35 cover by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado



23, BatFlash



„But Bruuuuuceeee” Wally moans, his arms wrapped around Batman’s elbow so tight it almost stops the bloodflow in man’s fingers. Bruce promised himself he won’t bow this time. No hugging nor begging or puppy eyes supposed to work at the moment. Or at least that was a main goal. Cardboard box next to their feet is furry and loud and very, very impatient. Coal-black kitten cries, it’s little, clawed paws constantly scratch the walls, yearning for attention from possible new owners.

“I said no.” Bruce repeats for the third time in a row. And third time he tries to stick-off clingy lover from his muscled arm.

 “Stop squeezing me” he asks, definitely tired of speedster “ I don’t think you can pay for washing and ironing Armani, huh?” But Flash, that’s nothing new, doesn’t really give a damn. When adorable, fluffy things are involved he can be even more stubborn than during devouring tones of greasy junk food to, oh irony, stay in shape.

“But it has your eyes, and …and it comes in black!” Wally’s truly desperate, Batman cannot help but facepalm when redheaded boy releases his elbow, to pick up the little ball of fur, sticking it in front of Dark Knight’s nose. “Look!”

Bruce would rather not to, but he takes a look, very short look. Baby cat is indeed very beautiful. Shiny, black fur  with white “tie” on the stomach. Weirdly shaped one, he thinks, as his fingers unwillingly scratch tiny fellow behind the ear. Kitten purrs under his touch, definitely pleased. Bruce doesn’t have to look, to notice how wide Wally grins and how brightly happy his eyes became.

“It’s a Bat.”

“What?” Flash rose his eyebrows in surprise, leaning closer to check the shape, circled by Batman on dark furry tummy.

“Look at the white spot.” Young speedster almost squeeks, as he sees the bat-shape between kitten’s front paws.  It’s not only cute but, in his reasoning, perfect argument for keeping the animal.

“So…can I keep miniBruce?” he asks carefuly.

“I guess…” Bruce smiles warmly, as he places cat back in Wally’s palms,  kissing younger man’s freckled forehead  “…I can handle another batkid in the family.”  

For the drabble number thing: #70, Batman and Flash.


"And this is half your running speed?” Batman’s voice said evenly over the communicator. Wally hummed and dodged a few trees, missed a giraffe by a meter and a half, and ran up the slope of a mountain. 

"Actually," he ducked his head to stop dust and bugs getting in his mouth, "it’s about 67% of my running speed."

Batman made a noncommittal noise. So much for impressing him, then.

"Why’d you wanna know?"

There were some small sounds on the communicator, probably buttons being pressed or co-ordinates being tracked. “I’ve seen Superman run his fastest. You’ll approach that speed with a little more effort.”

Wally nearly fell over.

"Superman?" He ran over the crest of the mountain and down the other side, picking up some speed as he went. "That’s really something."

You’re really something.”

Wally wanted to pretend he hadn’t heard that. Batman wasn’t really one for affectionate words or compliments, hell he didn’t tell his own family he was proud of them until it was too late. But he soaked up the praise like a dry sponge. “Thanks,” he mumbled into the line. There was a harrumph and then more buttons clicking.

"Don’t get used to it."

71 batflash


#71 BATFLASH- Obsession

One day, one mistake is all to lose everything you hold dearly at the depth of your heart. People you love, people who love you limitlessly are so breakable. So fraigle. Bruce knows it too well. It was the first glimps of realisation hitting him from the oblivion, at night he lost his parents years ago in crime alley. No matter how time keeps going by, smell of gunpowder and crimson stains on his mother’s white dress are as real as it happened only minutes ago.Dead faces looking up to the rainy nightsky, Batman sees them as he rests his worn out body between the sheets.

History likes to repeat itself though, and she does it mercilessly.

Unless…It haven’t even had an occurence. 

Lord Batman watches him carefuly. Cheerful, redheaded boy somewhere around late twenties. Freckled cheeks redded when he giggled, with the most honest, warmest laugher Batman ever heard. There’s happiness, pure and emanateing sparkling in eyes of young hero. He’s as pure as Bruce remembered him, being haunted by beloved, hurtful image in most bittersweet ways.

Leather gloves brushed the monitor lightly.

Wally West was alive.There was no smoking hole in his chest, nor blood dripping from lipcorners. Scarlet costume, still in one piece with no sign of bulletholes. No rip offs, no shreds no life juices soaked into material. Lex Luthor was still locked up. No nuclear war or Clark lobotomizing the Doomsday. World, the broody observer stared at, had hope, love…it had Wally.

It had been for Wally after all. Neverending nights, months without proper sleep or eating, years of solitiude just to see him smile again. Just to work out the way to place where everything was right,

Lord Batman’s cheeks are wet. Watching parallel dimension scratches and salts wounds of his heart, reminding him the burden of loss. He couldn’t stop looking at the pictures though, going through the life of that other Flash, watching him as he sleeps, eats and fights.Somewhat devilish guardian angel, watching, waiting, yearning, missing.

It wasn’t about “ma’ and pa’” anymore.

He wanted to catch Wally West, lock up and protect from harm. Prevent the death of person Bruce loved with all heart, endlessly and painfully. There was no higher goal than this selfish need, driving him to extremes like  breaking the laws of time and space. 

John once said, Batman becomes obsessed and maniacal, when it comes to his Crusades.

How accurate was he.  













Bruce, Wally and 20 - Cookies please ? (true OT3 here ain't it)


BATFLASH 20 - Cookies

"But Bruuuuuuuuceeeeee…"
"I.SAID.NO. N-O. NO." 
Bruce crosses his hands. That usually means “End of this talk Wallace Rudolph West”, but not this time. Wally had enough of his broody and totally no fun excuses for not making their foreplays more… entertaining. The billionaire-playboy is already half-naked, sitting at the edge of enormous bed with satine covers. If his eyes could speak they’d probably scream the loudest “NOT GONNA HAPPEN” freckled man could imagine. Not that he ever cared for Batman’s all kill-you-in-your-sleep attitude. It’s not easy, turning off the sunny side of Scarlet Speedster. Even if you’re called “The Dark Knight” and the only thing you have in common with light is Bat-signal.

"BUT I PUT MY CUPCAKE BOXERS ON ALREADY" pair of jeans cross the air, landing gracefuly on golden globe, decorating coffeetable. Bruce looks at his lover, standing in front of him in pair of baloney pants, with big, chocolate cupcakes dancing together on it’s material. There’s a huge, smiling chocolate cookie right in the middle of speedster’s crotch. That’s it, he thinks, I’m done. 
"Take it off…" heavy sigh escapes his mouth, when Batman lands with cheek at opened palm. 
"You wish." Wally replies with poutiest of the faces, his green eyes sparkle with irritation. Bruce sighs again, scratching the neck and stands up, pointing down 
"If I do it.." he says finally "…promise me that you’ll never wear it again."
"Wha- …that’s not…!" Flash cuts, seeing the most desperate batglare try in his boyfriend’s eyes. Eyes of broken man. Wally grins triumphally, leaning closer 
"Soo…? I’m waiting…?"

There’s loud knocking to the oaken, bedroom’s door.
"Come in." 
Bruce enters the room with his face expressing nothing but pain of humiliation as he reads the line from yellow, paper card. 
"Greetings. Sir." every word he says sounds like someone paid robocop for recording the audiobook. "I am Happy Bea…Wally why…"
Bruce exhales.
"I…am.Happy.Bears headscout…would you like to…this is riddiculous!?"
"BUY OUR SPECIAL CHOCOLATE COOKIES?" last line he shouts is acompanied by a smell of freshly baked cookies, held in his hand inside of yellow, fancy box. Wally smiles seducively, as he approches embarassed lover who’s current state took away even his ability of facepalming. 
"I don’t mind buying the cookies" Wally grins winkinking at Bruce,while drawing circles on man’s bare chest "But how much are you?" 

Bruce lost it, falling to the floor with the most uncontrolable laugher Wally ever heard. It took Flash 20 minutes to pull him back to usual, broody state and pointing out that “He screwed up the whole sexy” what didn’t really help, making Bruce giggle even more, while kissing partner’s freckled neck in apology. Wally didn’t want to play “Sex Scouts” thing ever again. 

65, BatFlash




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